“I have been friends with Tom Forese for nearly 10 years. He and his wife Casey are good people, committed to serving the state of Arizona. Tom is a Patriot and a true conservative and I am proud to endorse him for the office of Arizona Treasurer.” -The Honorable Barry Goldwater Jr. Former Member of Congress


“I’ve worked together with Tom for six years to fight crony capitalism and big government. He is a bright young conservative republican and will make a great treasurer for the state of Arizona.”  Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Councilman, District 6


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tom and Casey for years now and know firsthand of their love of Arizona and commitment to our shared future and prosperity. I’m happy to share my support for Tom’s candidacy for State Treasurer.” – Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney


“As a business owner I’m worried about the increasing burdens that rapidly growing government places on producers and job creators. Tom Forese understands this. He has real business experience. As a public servant he has kept taxes, rates and regulations in check. He has my support for AZ Treasurer.” – Drex Davis, CEO Scrapbook.com, Co-Producer Cinematic Pop, Mesa Resident


“Tom and I first got to know each other as competitors running for the legislature almost eight years ago. Then, serving together in the same district, we became not only colleagues but friends—fellow conservatives who care deeply about Arizona’s future. Tom’s business background and policy-making experience make him uniquely qualified for the job of Arizona State Treasurer. I am proud to endorse his campaign.” –Speaker J.D. Mesnard
Arizona House of Representatives, Legislative District 17


“Tom and I served together in the state legislature. As chair of the Ways and Means Committee and a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, I appreciated Tom’s work in making tough decisions to balance Arizona’s budget and promote fiscally conservative principles. He and Casey are good friends who stand up for what is right. That is why Tom has my endorsement for Arizona State Treasurer.” -Michelle B. Ugenti-Rita, State Representative District 23


“As chairman of the commerce committee I fight to keep Arizona free from overregulation and crony capitalism. Tom Forese does too. I am proud to endorse him for Arizona treasurer.”- Warren Petersen, Arizona Senate representing District 12


“Tom’s accomplishments as an elected official prove he is ready to be Arizona’s next Treasurer. He has my support for that office.” – Jenn Daniels, Gilbert Mayor




“For over six years I have worked with tom to fight for small businesses and reduce unnecessary regulation. He is a principled conservative and he has my endorsement for treasurer.” –Paul Boyer, Teacher, Arizona State Representative District 20


“Tom and Casey have been our friends for several years. We’ve worked with them on a number of projects to make Arizona a great place for families and small businesses. We are proud to support Tom and endorse him for Arizona treasurer.” – Lisa Askey, Chandler Resident


“I have had the opportunity to work with Tom Forese on issues critical to Arizona’s small businesses. He is an action-driven leader dedicated to defending free market principles. That is why Tom Forese has my endorsement for the Office of State Treasurer.”
Steve Chucri, District 2 representative on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors


“Tom Forese is principled conservative public servant who understands the importance of staying connected to the people he represents. I have enjoyed working with him over the last six years and I am proud to endorse him for treasurer.” -David Bushman, Former Legislative District 18 Chairman


“As the mayor of a rapidly growing city I work hard to ensure the safety and prosperity of all of my constituents. Tom does too. His history of standing up for what is right is why he has my endorsement for treasurer.”– Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat


“As a Chandler city councilman and a member of the Arizona Legislature I have made it a priority to bring jobs and investment to Arizona. Tom has too. Together we have fought to strengthen our economy. I have no doubt that when he is treasurer he will continue to make Arizona an economic powerhouse.” –Jeff Weninger, Arizona State Representative District 17, Business Owner


“Water policy is the number one issue facing Arizona. Tom’s experience protecting our rights to this vital resource and the utilities that supply it is imperative to Arizona’s future. As treasurer for the state of Arizona, Tom will be a prudent custodian over taxpayer funds. I gladly endorse Tom Forese for Treasurer.” –Jennifer Brown,  CAWCD Board of Directors


“As the mayor of the city of Maricopa I I am committed to driving economic development and bringing jobs to my constituents. Tom is too. His focus on making our state competitive is why he has my endorsement for treasurer.” -Mayor Christian Price,  City of Maricopa



“I believe a public servant needs to be thoughtful and deliberate when making decisions. Tom Forese fits that description. That’s why I am supporting him for Arizona Treasurer.” –Bill Gates, Maricopa County Supervisor, District 3.



“As a former police officer and now as a member of the city council I’ve seen many leaders come and go. Not all of them have their heart in the right place. Forese does. He cares about the people he serves and he is a hard worker. That’s why I’m endorsing him for state treasurer.”- Terry Roe, Chandler City Councilmember 



“We have owned and operated a small business in the west valley for a long time. Surviving and growing the business through the recession was a defining challenge. We are grateful for Tom’s work to drive jobs and investment to Arizona but more importantly his work to defend small businesses.”- Jana and John King, Business Owners



“For the last six years I’ve worked with Tom Forese to protect families and small businesses from Obama and his liberal cronies. Tom is a real conservative who loves his country and the constitution. He has my endorsement for Arizona treasurer.”- David Gowen,  Former Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives


“Chandler is known around the world as a destination for companies to grow. As a city Councilmember I have had a chance to play a part in that growth. As a member of the legislature and as a corporation commissioner Tom Forese has been committed to economic development in Arizona. That’s why he has my endorsement for treasure.”– Nora Ellen, Chandler City Councilmember


“As a city councilmember in Mesa I spend my time fighting to make my City a great place for families and businesses. I’m proud to say Tom is right there next to me fighting for these issues. I can’t think of a better person to represent me than my friend Tom. Please join me in endorsing Tom Forese for Arizona Treasurer. ” -Kevin Thompson, Councilmember, City of Mesa


“Years ago my business faced the wrath of out of control over regulation from the government. Tom had the courage to stand up to big government and run legislation to create a level playing field. That’s why he has my endorsement for treasurer.”- Michael Schafer, Arizona small business owner


“Tom Forese has accomplished many things towards creating a better economy in Arizona as a state legislator and Corporation commissioner. He has done this through realistic goals with a clear mind and accurate strategy. This is what we ask of the state treasurer and that’s why I am proud to give him my endorsement.” -Sam Huang, Chandler City Councilmember


“As the mayor of a border city my constituents have unique challenges and equally unique opportunities. Tom Forese is committed to safety and economic development. During the time he has spent down on the border we have got to know each other and he has my endorsement for treasurer.” –Mayor John Doyle, City of Nogales


“I have worked with Tom Forese for several years. He is a principled conservative with a focus on strengthening the economy in Arizona. He has my endorsement for Arizona treasurer”. Denny Barney, Maricopa County Supervisor Chairman, District 1



“Tom Forese and I worked together at the Arizona Corporation Commission during a time of strife and scrutiny. In spite of it all, we remained committed to our conservative principles. He and Casey are a joy to know, and I am proud to endorse Tom for Arizona State Treasurer.” -Bob stump, Former state legislator and corporation commissioner


“Tom and I served together in the state legislature. He has a strong commitment to serving our state and that is why he has my endorsement for treasure.”– Russ Jones, former member of the Arizona House of Representatives, Yuma



“I have had the opportunity to work with Tom over the last few years. His understanding of free market principles and his commitment to Arizona is why I am endorsing him for treasurer.” -Lilia Dashevsky



“Being a leader requires the courage to make hard decisions. Tom has that courage. That’s why he has my endorsement for Treasurer.”– Ian Hugh, Glendale Vice mayor



“Yuma is a vital part of Arizona’s economy. Tom knows this. His is committed to Yuma’s economic growth and security. That’s why he has my endorsement.” -Edward Thomas, Yuma City Council



“Standing up for what you believe in isn’t always easy. It’s courage that counts. That’s why I am endorsing Tom Forese for treasurer. He is willing to fight for Arizona and I know he will do what is right for my constituents.” -Bridget Binsbacher, Peoria city council member

“It continues to be my honor and privilege to serve the Town of Fountain Hills as one of their councilmembers.  We have a tremendous quality of life for our residents and visitors that call Fountain Hills home.  Many successful businesses continue to thrive in Fountain Hills.  Sharing these successful business stories around the country and the world is the key to economic development. I have known Tom Forese for several years.  He believes in sharing the economic opportunity in Arizona with businesses around the world to help grow the economy.  This is why he has my full endorsement for Arizona Treasurer.  He has my vote, and he should have yours.” –Cecil Yates, Councilmember, Town of Fountain Hills


“I am a supervisor in one of the most unique counties in the country. Tom understands our needs and cares about my constituents. That’s why he has my endorsement for Arizona state treasurer.”- Supervisor Doyel Shamley, District III 


“Arizona has a great story to tell. Having worked on state tourism and serving as a Paradise Valley City Councilman, Tom Forese has always been there to help promote our amazing state. That’s why he has my endorsement for Treasurer.”             -Mark Stanton, Paradise Valley City Councilmember


“As Navajo County Supervisor representing District III I value state leaders that take the time to understand my constituents and their needs. Tom Forese gets it and that is why he has my support for Arizona State Treasurer.” -Jason Whiting,  Navajo County Supervisor District III